Letterpress Calendar (aka. the best way to keep track of the days)

In keeping with the calendar theme from yesterday, I had to share this with you.  I am in so in love with this letterpress calendar full of graphic designer wisdom and advice (we designers need a lot of both…)  They were brilliantly designed by Fabien Barral, who is a “happy and contented graphic designer, working from his home in the vineyard region of southern France”.  I have always been drawn to the lush texture of letterpress pieces.  These calendar pages each use the technology of letterpress beautifully with the varying colors, combination of fine details and simple shapes, combined with the super thick paper and natural.

If you are love with this calendar like I am, you will also enjoy spending hours browsing through Fabien’s multiple websites and galleries and endless photos of fantastic design…  like I did.

Happy New Years Eve’s eve!

xox, Beautiful Hello


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