Five Months in France, Artist Showcase: Rona Keller

Rona Keller is a young photographer with an evident passion for life and the world around here.  Living in Germany, she spent five beautiful months in South France.  Every month she took a photo with her film camera out the window of her home.  What amazingly beautiful shots!  The colors are so rich and gorgeous, the depth she achieved in these photos makes me feel like I’m there (and boy do I wish that were true!)
The photo above was taken in December and seems to embody “Christmas”.  The colors, the warmth, the snow, the charm, the cozy builtings…  someone get me my Christmas stocking and hot coffee, quick!

You can see more of Rona’s photography here.  Stop by!  You will be glad you did.  She is a remarkable photographer.

I hope you all are having a wonderfully joyous Christmas weekend!  I am excited to spend this Christmas with my little family in West Texas; albeit 100 miles from snow  (or winter-like weather for that matter!)  Have a wonderful happy holiday where ever you are, and enjoy these precious times with friends and loved ones!

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  • I’ve only just found this post by accident and want to thank you so much! It was really sweet of you to write that all and I’m happy you liked the photos. 🙂


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