Oo-la-la, Royal Buffet

I am so thrilled to share this amazing book with you.  I won it in Royal Buffet’s recent give-away!  Let me repeat the first part of that sentence: I won it.  That never happens to me.  Ever.  And I am SO happy that I got lucky on this give-away!!!  Merry Christmas to me!   What a treasure this book is.  So many fabulous projects and so many excellent step-by-step photos.  Mollie Green is so very creative and she shares all her little secrets in this book.

It is for sale in her shop: Royal Buffet on Etsy

Merry Christmas!  xox, Beautiful Hello

PS. while you’re busy wrapping, don’t forget to print your free gift tags from me!  All gifts need a little something beautiful on top…

One comment

  • woo hoo! So glad you won this! I love miss mollie, and all of her creations! You know she made the moose head that is in a lot of my pictures? ….oh yes, that is her pure genius that I get to look at daily in the studio 🙂
    Merry Christmas!


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