A little Virtual Paint, Artist Showcase: Vitaly Shchukin

Good Tuesday to you!

I was so pleased to stumbled upon the artwork of Vitaly Shchukin, Russian born ICU doctor who also just happens to be a fabulous artist.  Where he found the time to paint his hundreds of paintings I am not sure.  His use of color is what really drew me in (well that and the gorgeous Russian and European scenes).  Color is one of the most important element in a painting (right up there with composition and contrast).  Vitaly Shchukin does a good job of creating layers and layers of color, yet preserving the purity of the shade.  He recognizes the subtle differences in shades and uses them very well!

These pieces are digital paintings, which means that the creative process takes on a whole new set of steps and procedures.  What do you think of digital art?  Is it true “fine art” to you?

I have yet to create a fully digital painting.  I have nothing against digital paintings, for me, it is just easier to pick up a tangible brush and get dirty. Maybe someday…

If you are curious about digital painting or would just like some more tips, stop by Vitaly Shchukin’s website.  He has several video tutorials and resources there.

xox, Beautiful Hello

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