Artist Showcase: Fred Jamar, Charleston, SC


As you have probably gathered by now, I love Charleston, SC.   It is so full of vibrancy and culture, wealth, and color, but it is also so full of real people, living everyday life.  This every-day-life just happens to be within walking distance of the beach and mansions, but still, the people are genuine, with real lives and real problems, just like you and I.  Fred Jamar is a local artist with an eye for what the real Charleston looks like. He captures this city and places where people live, both rich and poor, with such a colorful, expressive style.    I love the illustrative quality in his city scape oil paintings.  The trees are so whimsical and the colors are so vibrant, it would be easy to add a caption from a story to these paintings.

Don’t you wish you were walking down one of these streets?  I know I do!  And I WILL!  We are moving to Charleston in a little less than a month!  Oh goodness I have a lot to do…  I am beyond excited to get to spend time, day to day, in one of my favorite cities (Thank you Air Force!)  I can’t wait to get involved in the art scene there!

I’m sure this will not be the last you will see of these beautiful streets and this fantastic city…

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