Gifting the Masculine Design Enthusiast (aka. man gift guide)

I feel that I may have titled this post incorrectly… because, clearly, I am not a man, yet if you were to …say… buy any of these items for me and mail it to my little home in West Texas (hint hint) I would not be upset.  At all.  But I have to say, these items are perfect for the man who is as much in love with design as he is function.  Each of these items are made by small businesses or independent artist (buying handmade is good for the soul!)

What are your unique gift ideas?

Happy shopping and happy gifting!

xox, Beautiful Hello

1. Rock and Roll, Geometric Stone, 8×10 Art Print created by illustrator Tabitha Bianca Brown

2. Men’s collector Leather Watch (hand made Monaco leather) created by HH Wolf of Ground Effect

3. Grey Herringbone iPad case created by Mari of Stash

4. Lowercase “a” white hoody created by Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk

5. Vintage Camera iPhone case designed by Ewan Arnolda

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