It’s a Woodsy Winter Kind of Day

As you may know, we are currently living in West Texas (for a total of 34 more days!) thanks to the all-powerful Air Force.   I have enjoyed living here.  I love hot weather, I love all the open space, I love being with my husband…  But it didn’t really feel like Christmas until, miracle of miracles, we got snow yesterday!  It wasn’t much (in fact, most of the nation would probably not recognize it as a true snow fall as a matter of principle,)  but now I feel particularity festive and woodsy.

First of all, can we please talk about this photograph by the very talented Hillary Boles?  It took my breath away when I first spotted it.  Something about the composition and colors is so warm and friendly.  I actually love the fact that the girl’s face isn’t shown at all.  It makes me wonder about her, and transform her into the person in my imagination.

If my husband is able to escape from work in time, we are hoping to get a tree tonight.  Fingers crossed!  That means I need to crank out some new ornaments today!

Hillary Boles “Untitled ‘Grandpa cardigans are for cold days.'”

Silver Snowflake Christmas Ornaments, created by Classic by Nature

Snow Falling in a Winter Forest of Nougat and Brown” by Bob of bomobob

Little Snow Bird” by Melissa Crowley

December Desktop Calendar by Oh Hello Friend

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