Free Printable Gift Tags!

email for your download!I have to admit, I love getting gifts.  It doesn’t matter how they’re wrapped, a plastic bag will do… however, it’s true that it is better the give than to receive. Especially when the gift is the most exciting, lovely, anticipated, beautiful package under the tree!  In all my years of gift wrapping I’ve discovered that it’s the little details that count.  These tags are the key to pushing your gifts from lovely, to “please-hand-me-that-gift-right away” status.  wrap them up with some white paper, a textured ribbon, maybe another unique element (like a little ornament, flower, or candy…), and one of these babies for a sure fire head turner.  Need some more ideas?  Check out my recent blog post on glammin’ up your gifts.

These tags are printable and you can print as many as you need!  Please do not distribute or sell these designs without my ok.  However, I looooove referrals!  So feel free to send people my way (that way they’ll know you’re the go-to person for all tips savvy and chic – a very prestigious reputation!).  So pin, tweet, like, share, message, and blog away!

Send an email to: with “Tags” in the subject line and these tags are as good as yours!  

Merry Christmas and happy wrapping!

xox, Emily
Beautiful Hello

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