Artist Focus: Joe Bradley and His Stunning Birds

If these aren’t beautiful I don’t know what it.  I love these incredible bird paintings by Joseph Bradley.  I met Joey in college.  We were both art majors, both in classes together…  Joey’s work inspired me even back then.  He does a wonderful job of making intentional brush strokes look effortless and creating drama with contrast and color.  Notice that these birds are enhanced with rusty red under-paint and framed in silver!  So classy and format (yet rugged and earthy).  As he says in his artist statement: “Each of my works is a process of layering, intuition, and experimentation. My recent work is very process-oriented using many washes and multiple media. They are meant to depict concepts of our relationships with the environment and the emotions these relationships elicit.”

Go over to his website to see oh-so-many beautiful pieces!  He has a great selection of still life paintings, landscapes, garden scenes, and fantastic wildlife portraits.

xox, Beautiful Hello

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