On Becoming a Legendary Gifter

Good Cyber-Monday to you!  This is the day when millions of people from around the word log onto their computers and shop, shop, shop.  Need a few tips and starting places?

#1: Etsy.  Handmade, heartfelt, unique gifts for everyone from snuggly newborns to geeky grandmas

#2: Pinterest.  You can search for gifts in your price range, then just keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling………  it may be a good idea to set a timer before starting this as you will get swept away in the wealth of beauties.

#3: Anthropologie.  They have a fantastic, nearly fail-safe formula for giving the right gift to the right person.

#4: when in doubt, a nice gift card to Barns and Noble is always a legit option.  It shows that you care (reading=knowledge, knowledge=a fuller life), and you are really giving them anything and everything in the world.

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