Happy Black Friday

Happy Black Friday!  In case you are not from the US, you should know that black Friday is a day when Americans go completely crazy, waking up at extremely early hours (or just not going to bed), then line up outside in the cold, in front of a big box store, to buy the newest box of wonder.  I’ve always found it a bit crazy.  I like to take my time, browsing around, and that surely does not happen on Black Friday.  I must admit, there is something exhilarating and crazy about the pre-holiday frenzy, so if you’re out there right now, good luck!  Remember to buy from local handcrafters!  They do the best job, and will treat you like a king or queen!

This is a lithograph I created using a black crayon etching technique on metal.  I titled it “After the Shoppers Leave”.

If you are more prone to calm and serenity, but still want to get a great deal on Holiday cards, head over to my shop for a great Black Friday sale on all holiday products!

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