And For You, I am Thankful

For You I am ThankfulHappy Thanksgiving!

I am truly thankful for my readers who give of their time to read this little blog.  It’s a joy for me to write these posts each day, and I hope it brings you much pleasure to read.

Enjoy your turkey and apple pie.

Enjoy the precious time off work.

But most of all, enjoy the loved ones you are with during these wonderful days.

I created this little graphic design + fine art + typography merging with this blog post in mind, but it’s also available as a $3 printable until the end of the month JUST for my readers!  The list price is $12, but when you use the code BeautifulThanks you will get a 75% off this print!  Now, that is just another reason to be Thankful!  The painting underneath is one that I created a few months ago.  It’s hanging in my apartment and I love it.  You can check it out here.

xox, Beautiful Hello

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