It’s a Yellow Kind of Day: Designer Showcase: Jessica Hische

Today feels like a yellow day.  There is just something about the nearing of Thanksgiving that turns everything into a lovely cheery golden yellow.  While yellow is one of those all time-year around-all seasons kind of colors, it seems to really play a huge role in this late autumn season.

This beautiful business card design stood out to me right away.  Maybe because it’s that perfect shade of bright and cheery gold.  Or maybe it is because it strikes the perfect balance between beautiful, simple, modern, whimsical, and completely classy. I love the swirls and swoops contrasted with the very straight forward text on the back.  It’s a beautiful combination.

I stumbled across the work of Jessica Hische a few weeks ago and realized that I’ve seen, and admired, her work before!  One of the first set of classical literature I bought while a college student is beautifully clad in her book cover design!  I have since learned that I am far more familiar with Jessica’s work that I thought, and you might be too!  She is a prolific designer, illustrator, and letterer with a slightly edgy-whimsical-midcentury “look”.  I love what is said on her blog:  “Jessica and her work have since been featured in many publications, she has traveled the world speaking about lettering and illustration, and she has probably consumed enough coffee to power a small nation.” Check out her website to see a feast of brilliant design.

So who is this Kate Murphy with the lovely business cards?  I included a small sample of Kate’s beautiful photography.  She is so very talented and has a gift behind the camera (I got lost in her website and blog this morning, and it was not at all unpleasant.)  Enjoy!

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