Artist Focus: Nuria Mora part II

A few days ago I did a post about Nuria Mora, but felt that there was no way I could cover all of her work and facets of her art in just one blog post.  So here we are.  I can’t keep this artist to myself!  If you haven’t heard of her or seen her work please check it out.  Your eyes will thank you.

Spanish artist, Nuria Mora, is quite possibly the most unique and inspired graffiti artist I’ve ever seen.  She started creating this highly recognizable street art in the late ’90s, completely shaking up the traditional bubble lettering and cartoon character traditionally spray painted on the walls.  Instead, Nuria’s paintings are big, bold, colorful, abstract, highly geometric, crisp, and clean.  She always uses vibrant colors graphic shapes, and focuses on line and form, working with the environment, not trying to change it into something preconceived.  From street art, Nuria Mora moved to commissioned murals on huge buildings, gallery installations, billboard installations, to delicate illustrations and even a bit of fashion design.

I think the thing that attracted me to Nuria Mora’s work the most is her use of shapes and colors to define the shapes.  Her artwork reminds me of an incredible building block set, comprised of the most wonderful and lively colors.

Enjoy looking over a bit more of her work.  This really is the tiniest little drop in the bucket of this prolific artist’s portfolio…  so go check out her website!

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