Artist Spotlight: Marco Suarez & TJ Getz

I actually feel a little overwhelmed with inspiration when I think of the two artists, Marco Suarez and TJ Getz, individually, and then when they combine their work…. wow.  TJ Getz, of Getz Creative, is one of the very best photographers I’ve ever seen.  His energy on a photo shoot is contagious and his eye behind the lens is superb!  I would know, he was our wedding photographer!

Ok…  I have to show off a tiny bit.  The first two sets are photos from my wedding!  Aren’t these photos the best!?

Ok, now let me show off a little of Marco Suarez‘s work.  I have long been infatuated with his graphic art prints.  They are incredible.  I love the layers and layers of textures and images.

Two amazing photographers and artists…  and then they collaborate to create the most amazing pieces of art they call “Fusion“.  Marco Suarez combines graphic elements with TJ Getz’ photographs to create something amazing!  Together, they take already amazing photographs and turn them in to works of art.  Feast your eyes…

Ah-maze-ing.  I especially love this last fusion.  I love the delicate flower forms in the foreground  and the lines stretching across the top of the image.  They are all breathtaking and gorgouse.  Be sure to check out these two artist’s sites to see more!

PS.  See the lovely lady in the last fusion image?  That is Betsy Blanton;  owner and artist at Yellow Elm.  We’ll be looking at her work a little later in the week and she has a special offer for readers of my blog!  Woo hoo!


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