Artist Focus: Michelle Armas

I really feel like I could leave this post blank, and these paintings could speak for themselves!  Aren’t they beautiful?  I just love the shades the artist, Michelle Armas, uses, and her abstract designs within each painting are beautiful.  Just beautiful.

Michelle started painting as a way to express a little of the creativity pent up with her job as a branding designer.  While graphic design is exciting and beautiful and dramatic, there are hours and hours of work that often times doesn’t feel expressive and can, at times, feel downright tedious!  So Michelle started painting, and thank goodness she did!  These paintings are so inspirational to me.  She paints so fluidly, but with a designer’s eye.  Things belong in their proper places with the suggested geometric shapes and lines (the designer), yet she is still able to “feel” the paints and let the colors blend (the painter).  I love this combination!  Enjoy more of her work at on blog and in her shop!

I just had to showcase Michelle Armas’ color choices.  So beautiful…

I’m super exciting about doing a set of small paintings.  As I think I’ve mentioned, my current short term living situation here in Texas doesn’t really lend itself to studio sized paintings (think small apartment with two babies and air force dress blues…) but I think I can manage a few small paintings.  Plus, painting small will be a good and refreshing change for me.  I miss my brushes!  Stay tuned!  I’ll post photos of my progress and the completed peices.  I am hopefully even going to get my tallented husband to d a couple!  He really is an incredible artist.  We’ll see if he can spare some time during our long weekend coming up!

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