Design and Fashion Show a Little Military Love

I am a new military wife.  Proudly.  I have always been supportive of our nation’s military, but now that I’m in a place where I can see the inner working and how they interact together, I am so very impressed with their dedication, loyalty, their love for this country and for each other, their strength, and willingness to serve in whatever way needed.  It really is amazing.  I want our troops to come home as much as the next guy, but I’m so glad they’re out there working hard to keep us safe and earning our freedom.  Freedom is most definitely NOT free.   May we never forget that!

Not only are the men and women some of the most incredible people in our country, but, let’s be honest, they look great too.  I am a big fan of dress blues… and ABU’s…  oh yes.  🙂

I find it amazing how the military “look” has inspired every area of fashion and design.  I love it.  I love the rigid lines, the clean shapes, the bold colors, the classic chevron design that is found in the military insignia…  dramatic and stylish.  Here are a couple great examples I wanted to share with you.


1. The MAROL Cross body in yellow and white chevron with silver leather; created by Angelo Olson of A03 Designs

2. Military Chevron Necklace: Staff Sergeant; by Stephanie Drake of Dixie & Dust

3. Double Breasted Wool Military coat; created by FM017

4. Breaking Chevrons Neon Orange Wall Hanging; designed and created by Sandra Fettingis

5. Chevron Arrow Pillow in Gray and White; made by Regan Saunders of Regan’s Brain

6. U.S. Air Force clutch; created by Missy of Luvy Duvy

I, of course, must share my personal favorite military themed photos with you.  I love my Airman so very much and am so proud of him.  xox

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