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The Makers Summit

December 20, 2012

MakersSummit Hey!

I’m so very excited about attending the Makers Summit this February and just had to share it with you!   This one-day event is perfect for small creative business owners and the very best place to begin planning and formulating your amazing business if you’re still in the dreaming stage.   It can be a little scary to pour your time and efforts into an idea without a clear picture of what your business is doing or what it will become.   The Makers Summit is going to help all of us define ourselves and our goals so that we can be more successful and conquer the world (if that’s you thing….)

We’ll be hearing from industry experts like:
STEPHEN FRASER: Founder of Spoonflower
GRACE KANG: Founder, Pink Olive, Retail Recipes
KIMM ALFONSO: Etsy Community Outreach
JUSTIN GAMMON: Brains on Fire
BONNIE FORKNER: Going Home to Roost, bloogger, shop owner, designer
AMY FLURRY: Author of “Recipe for Press: Pitch your story like the pros & create a buzz”
AMY ELLIS: Mailchimp

In addition, each attendee will have access to 10-minute complimentary consultations with experts in various creative and non-creative fields: accounting, legal, branding, marketing, public relations, and Etsy shop reviews.

To top it all off, there is an after party / networking / mix & mingle / CRAFT PARTY that night which includes dinner and a chance to just relax and get to know these awesome people.


I’m crazy excited, and I hope to see you there!

Merry Christmas!


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