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August 10, 2015


I MADE IT!!!  Woohoo!!
…If you follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my email newsletter then you know that I (foolishly?) decided that, to celebrate my 30th birthday, I would create 30 new original paintings!  

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever worked harder than I have over the past several days.  When I signed myself up to do this crazy thing, I didn’t actually realize how few days were left in the month of July, but, being the stubborn soul that I am, I just charged ahead, creating artwork literally around the clock.  

I am happy, exhausted, refreshed, and VERY please to say… they’re all done!  

Please take a moment to check out the new collection on my website when the go live at noon (one hour from now!) 

And thank you all for your love, support, and for cheering me on through this celebratory challenge!

It was a beautiful experience and I cannot wait to share this artwork with you!


{ A few of the pieces shown, the rest are on my website }


Upcoming Instagram Class (taught live by me)!

July 9, 2015

Instagram For ARTISTS Emily Jeffords

I am excited to let you know that the 3rd Instagram for Artists class is happening on Tuesday, the 14th at 8:30pm (eastern)!  This class is SO much fun and is as full of information and advice as I can possibly give.

Instagram has become one of my favorite ways to share my work and process with the world, and is a powerful tool for my business.   I love it because it fits naturally into my day and allows me to be a little creative in a different way throughout the day.


Things we’ll cover in this live class:

– connecting with your true collectors/clients

– developing your visual aesthetic

– telling your story

– defining what to share & how to share it in order to grow to your business

– how to run a successful giveaway

– selling your work on Instagram & because of Instagram

– creating genuin followers, not empty numbers

My goal is for you to come away from this hour long class feeling refreshed, full of ideas, and with a clear direction.  Marketing your skills, artwork, and creativity can feel effortless and organic and Instagram is my personal favorite way to do that.

75-90 minutes, this class is taught LIVE online.  $45 to claim your seat (spots are limited.)

Also, the class includes a 42 page PDF covering all the topics in depth AND access to the Creatives Club Facebook Page!

Sign up for Instagram for Artists & Creatives HERE and I’ll see you soon!

Frazee Art Camp Shop!

July 6, 2015

Frazee Art CampFrazee Art Camp 2 Frazee Art Camp Frazee Art Camp Frazee Art Camp Frazee Art CampHello!

The Frazee art camp that I wrote about a few days ago went SO very well and was full of the sweetest moments.  Frazee is an organization that is located just a few streets from my studio that supports and enables under-resourced kids to live fuller, better lovez.  I was happy to have a room full of middleschool girls in my studio, trying out new mediums, exploring watercolor, ink painting, acrylic, graphite and charcoal drawing… It was such a busy and exciting few days and I am so impressed with the work the girls completed!

As I mentioned before, the girls worked hard to create at least 2 pieces of artwork each to add to their new Etsy Shop.  The goal of this week is not necessarily to raise money for the girls, but to enable them to create their own way in life by using their skills and creativity.

It was amazing to watch the light come alive in their eyes – and to listen to them talk about their artwork on the last day.  Oh gosh.  So cute.  So amazing.

Please check out their Etsy shop!  They would LOVE your support.

Frazee Art CampFrazee Art CampFrazee Art Camp

Also, they got a kick out of the HP Sprout!  Each girl got to upload their art, post the work to Etsy, and write about their artwork – the meaning and message behind it.   The Sprout came in so, so handy.  So intuitive and freeing for them!

frazee Art Camp (and how you can help!)

June 25, 2015




I’m am honored to have some super excited and vivacious girls in my studio today! The Frazee Center is a place for under resourced children in the downtown Greenville area and, this week, they’re painting and drawing at the White Whale Studios (where I work each day).

The progress these ladies made this week is remarkable!! Having little to no exposure to the arts, they learned how to draw what they see – not what they think, and about the various tools you can use to draw. The goal for this week is to help these girls see how beauty can bring joy and that it’s possible to create an alternative lifestyle by selling your work.

We’re opening an Etsy shop to inspire them to own their own destinies and I would LOVE your support when we do! The artwork will be rough and young, but the light in their eyes is powerful and growing with each moment. The shop will be open in a few hours, so please stay tuned!

We are strong when we stand together.



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Do It For the Process

June 22, 2015
Beautiful Hello Blog: Do it for the process
I was talking with one of my most encouraging friends, about my creative process and how it has been a challenge for me to really push myself and try new things. I feel like I have so many people depending on me, and while I’m thankful for each and every one of them, it is hard to push my own boundaries when there’s a very big possibility for failure.

But why is failure ugly?

If failing results in growth then why am I shamed of it?

I remember visiting the Columbus Museum of Art a few years ago and seeing works from Rembrandt’s sketchbook that I’m pretty darn sure he did not think they were his best pieces – certainly not finished or refined!
But the process, the way the ideas unfolded so organically in those drawings, was just as beautiful as the masterpieces hanging a few feet away.  And, as a young artist, struggling with my own book of messy scribbles, they were WAY more encouraging.

While I am a million paintings away from Rembrandt’s skill, the more work I create, the less precious they becomes to me overall.   With each painting it becomes easier to say goodbye to a piece and the more the process seeps into my soul.  That has become precious to me.

I love my paintings, but I could not live without the process.

So, I press on, committing to try new things, to be ok with the ugly, the “failures”, and the lessons learned.  I am committing to create for the meditative moments, the creative energy, the feeling of the brushes scratching the canvas with their bristling color-washing strokes, and for the thrill of 1,000 tiny decisions made along the way.

Beautiful Hello Blog: Do it for the process
Several months ago I started a community around this theme. The hashtag #DoItForTheProcess has caught the eye of many artists and creative who understand the importance (and beauty) of the process.  There are currently 9,000 photos and counting in the collection!

This community is welcoming and supportive – so please join!  When you find yourself delighting in the process, share that moment on Instagram along with #DoItForTheProcess

Beautiful Hello Blog: Do it for the process

Summer Print Collection (& a giveaway!)

June 5, 2015

Fine Art Prints Emily Jeffords Studio2Fine Art Prints Emily Jeffords Studio "Wander with Me"

I am so excited to introduce the summer print collection to you!  There are eight new pieces in the collection as well as many of my “old” favorites.

These prints celebrate the fresh breeze, lingering light, and the excitement of summer days.  Printed on super lovely canvas, these prints look and feel like originals.

I am also excited to offer new abstract art pieces – two of my very favorites.  “Cadence No. 3 & 4”

Please use the code “New4Summer” to take 20% off your order (valid through Sunday, June 7th)

A few prints are also being retired today.  If you had your eye on one of these, they are still available and you are free to email me to request yours!

(also, there is a party happening at the very bottom of this post…  shh)

Cadence No.4 Fine Art Prints Emily Jeffords StudioCadence No.3 Fine Art Prints Emily Jeffords Studio

Don't Dream It's Over  Fine Art Prints Emily Jeffords Studio "Harvest Sunset" Fine Art Prints Emily Jeffords Studio Fine Art Prints Emily Jeffords Studio "Marsh & Rains"

Fine Art Prints Emily Jeffords Studio "New Horizons" Fine Art Prints Emily Jeffords Studio "Sun Days"Fine Art Prints Emily Jeffords Studio "Sun Days"

Fine Art Giveaway Emily Jeffords Studio

(if you took the time to look at all the artwork you deserve a little extra thank you!!!  XO!)

I will be giving away TWO $50 store credits gift cards over the weekend!  You can use this $50 for anything you wish in my store (shipping costs will not be included within the $50 gift).  See a new piece of artwork that perfectly fits the vibe of your home?  Well now it can be yours!

The giveaway will take place on both Instagram & Pinterest and one winner will be picked from both platforms.  Enter on both and you increase your odds!    

Instagram:  Follow @Emily_Jeffords, repost any photo from my feed or, if you are a collector, post your own image of my artwork in your home.  Include the tag “#EJArtforSummer + @Emily_Jeffords” and that’s it!

Pinterest: Follow @Emily_Jeffords on Pinterest.  Then, pin any image from my website: and include “EJArtforSummer + @Emily_Jeffords” in the discription.

And that’s it!

The giveaway starts now and will end Sunday at midnight.  Neither Instagram or Pinterest have anything to do with this giveaway.  Giveaway is open to anyone 18 years of age and older in any location (subject to the laws of your local government.)  Shipping is not included in the $50 store credit.

New studio, new partnership, new rug DIY, & the new Sprout

June 4, 2015

Painted Rug DIY & Sprout by HP

Well hello!
It feels like my whole world has grown and changed since my last post. If you follow my on Instagram you may know that my husband is joining my creative team! WOOHOO! You have no idea how exciting this is for me. I have been going through several growing pains over the past year.

I hired my studio manager, Alisha, last fall and she has been a dream come true, but goodness breeds more goodness and I have felt the weight of all this goodness and growth strongly. I am so thankful for every fresh opportunity but my mind was getting too full and it was time for a change.
When I thought of the most intelligent, way-over-qualified human I could hope to work with, Daniel Jeffords is at the top of the list.  He is creative, crazy-smart, he understands my vision and brand clearly, he get’s ME (not easy sometimes), and compensates for my weaknesses beautifully.

I’ll introduce him to you in greater detail later, but for now, let me tell you about the NEW STUDIO!!!

Creative Art Studio Scene & Sprout by HP

Along with this growth, we needed some extra space.  So, we rented an additional studio in the same building as mine and it’s totally and completely beautiful! Housed in an old mill house (1890 I believe), the white walls, white floors, and windows lining the room make it feel completely heavenly.

I still have my studio downstairs – giving me a separate space to paint and to teach workshops.

We filled the new space as minimally as possible – white desks, black chairs, no visual clutter, many plants… but the rug? It needs some help.

We were on a budget so we bought a large circle rug to fill part of the hardwood space. It’s comfortable… but SO boring.

We decided that a DIY rug design is in order – pronto.

Painted Rug DIY & Sprout by HP

Thankfully, the Sprout by HP is super helpful with pattern design. We were able to visualize and use the imaging creation tools to create a design that I will soon paint on the rug to jazz it up a bit. We were going for something really simple and geometric and I can’t wait to see it in the space!

I’m planning on working on this project over the weekend so stay tuned for the after images!  I’ll post the full DIY tutorial and tips soon.

In the meantime, feel free to give a welcome shout-out to Dan!  I know he would love to hear from you all and I’m so happy to have him as an official part of my studio-life.

Painted Rug DIY & Sprout by HP Painted Rug DIY & Sprout by HPPattern design DIY & Sprout by HP

DIY Essential Oil Sugar Scrub (my dirty little secret)

May 29, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.52.41 AM

Essential Oil Sugar Scrub DIY from Beautiful Hello Blog

Ok, crafters, artists, bakers, makers, hard-workers….pay attention.  This post is for you!

I have been painting for a few years now and this sugar scrub recipe has saved my skin!  Literally.

As my summer garden grows and herbs begin to spill over the sides of the pots lining our front porch, this excellently useful recipe quickly becomes my favorite.  Each ingredient has it’s own powerful physical and emotional properties (smell affects your emotions too!), but put them together and you have a powerful and super simple scrub to add to your clean-up and personal pampering regime.


I paint daily, and yet, my hands and nails are totally stain free.  They are never dry.  I mean that.  All the oils that are the magic eraser of paints are also the nurturer of my skin.  And washing takes about 20 seconds now and time is money, y’all.

And I smell amazing and everyone loves that.


((Recipe below))
Essential Oil Sugar Scrub DIY from Beautiful Hello Blog Essential Oil Sugar Scrub DIY from Beautiful Hello Blog


I originally posted this recipe on June 24th 2014 (but it’s so good it needs to be shared again!)

Take 10 minutes and make this and then can spend another 10 minutes writing me a thank you note!



1C sugar
2T coarse salt (extra grit)
1/4 C coconut oil
herbs (I used Rosemary, lemon balm, & lavender)
lime zest
3-5 drop each Lavender & Lemon essential oils


– Put the sugar and salt into a bowl and add the slightly warmed coconut oil (head just enough to become loose and almost liquid but not too warm.)  You want the oil to moisten the sugar/salt without becoming too wet.  Add more sugar or oil as needed.
– Chop the herbs finely, add and stir
– Add lime or lemon zest (optional)
– Drop in the essential oils and stir

Store in an airtight container away from heat or direct sunlight.
Get you hands dirty creating something wonderful and enjoy the clean up just as much!


My thoughts on Copycats (and why we need their creative voice)

May 21, 2015

Emily Jeffords photo by Chris Isham

This post is a bit of a rant and a bit of a plea.  (There.  You have been forewarned).  ;)

The theme of the week (year?): people stealing creative ideas and calling them their own. Please, please…. if you are truly an artist (in whatever medium) please respect the struggle and the hard work that other artists have done to arrive at their craft.

Put in your own time, study the work of others (especially the masters), and create something fresh, new, and original.

We need *your* voice – not a replica or variation on someone else’s.  If you are tempted to copy the work of someone else and market it as your own, please think twice.  You have the creative energy to create something remarkable – to say something with your medium that needs to be said.  Do not waste that opportunity echoing someone else.

Your perspective is just as valid as anyone else’s – so show it to us!



I wrote a post about not being afraid of copycats a few months ago, and it still rings so true, but I cannot stand by and watch my friend’s hard work, my own art, and the art of other hardworking makers be replicated by others. Whether by a small scale hobbyist or a big company, stealing is wrong no matter what.

So here is what I ask.
If you see someone’s artwork being replicated or even strongly “inspired by” please stand up for the true artists – the one who put in the time and effort to arrive at that beautiful place.  It can be as gentle as a comment “Beautiful!  Looks like so-and-so’s Painting!” or “Wow!  my friend ____ created something just like this!” — just so people will know that the creative community has strong supporters, people notice, and that stealing is never ok.  At the very least, please let the artist know and he/she can deal with it more heavily if needed.

If you have created something that is inspired by another creative, please give them credit.  They have earned it and you will only look better for being both honest and well researched.  The creative community is quite small, and we are learning that we must stand up for each other.


I know there is a fine line between inspiration and copying, and that there really is nothing new under the sun – but when you feel deep down in your heart that something is crossing a line, call that out and/or make it right.  



Ok, my little rant is over, but I hope it will empower you to be ethical, helpful, and supportive of those who are working hard, struggling daily to refine their art.

If you are an artist – please speak up!  Create! The world needs your voice and your voice is powerful and beautiful.



Emily Jeffords, struggling artist.
Beautiful photo by Chris Isham

Spring Studio Day – and what it taught me about quietness

May 14, 2015

Emily Jeffords Paige French Rinne Allen Eve Nettles

There are days that fill my mind and heart with tasks – all of them are good, right, exciting, and appreciated, but they are hectic and cloud my actions.  I often loose the ability and time to reflect of the goodness of the past because the present has so filled my attention.


I don’t know about you, but I am the kind of person who needs to be really deliberate about taking a break and reflecting on the beauty of the past or I will march on, full speed ahead, living solely in the moment, steam-roller nipping at my heals.


I was so, so grateful to put a pause on life this past weekend, to refresh my soul and recharge my imagination.   Three beautiful women came together, amidst the hustle and crazy in their own lives, and held a “Spring Studio Day” at the most magical artist’s home in Athens, GA.  The home and gardens, owned by painter and sculpture Lamar Wood, are over 100 years old, and the richness of the place was literally palpable.  I felt it the moment I drove down the winding, bumpy, tree-draped driveway.


We spent the day wandering the grounds, gathering greens from the cultivated gardens and wild things from the woods, making beautiful light drawings using Cyanotype photographic techniques, styling and photographing beautiful vignettes, enjoying delicious meals created with organic, local fair, and talking about the philosophy and purpose of creativity and life.  It was deep and beautiful and I found that the more space I gave to my thoughts, the more I had space in my mind for meditating, praying, and inspiration.


Quietness has that effect on a busy mind.  I need more of it in my life.


Thank you Paige French, Rinne Allen, and Eve Nettles for hosting this beautiful and powerful day.  I am so thankful.

Emily Jeffords Paige French Rinne Allen Eve NettlesEmily Jeffords Paige French Rinne Allen Eve NettlesEmily Jeffords Paige French Rinne Allen Eve Nettles Magnilia

Emily Jeffords Paige French Rinne Allen Eve Nettles

“You will create something undeniably beautiful – something that will surprise you.” – Paige French

Emily Jeffords Paige French Rinne Allen Eve NettlesEmily Jeffords Paige French Rinne Allen Eve NettlesEmily Jeffords Paige French Rinne Allen Eve NettlesEmily Jeffords Paige French Rinne Allen Eve NettlesEmily Jeffords Paige French Rinne Allen Eve Nettles Emily Jeffords Paige French Rinne Allen Eve NettlesEmily Jeffords Paige French Rinne Allen Eve NettlesEmily Jeffords Paige French Rinne Allen Eve Nettles Emily Jeffords Paige French Rinne Allen Eve Nettles Magnilia


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