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New botanical PRINTS! Hooray!

July 29, 2014

Botanical Fine Art Painting by Emily Jeffords

Botanical Fine Art Painting by Emily Jeffords


Hello everyone!


Well, you asked for botanical prints (no really, I get asked literally every day), and now, all is well and good again in the world.   There is a collection of fine art reproductions that are live, lovely, and thriving in my print shop!


These prints are so fancy – printed on canvas with a giant printer – they totally look like originals.  Each one features a sweet botanical study, joyful colors, warm sophistication, and textures you could stair at for hours.  (I know, because I have and these bebe’s do not disappoint.)

Originally, these paintings are 4×4 inch oil paintings on canvas with reproduction sizes ranging from 4×4 to 12×12.


So, hop over to the shop if these lovely things have caught your eye and be sure to use the code “BotanicalArt10″ to take $10 off your order!

Botanical Fine Art Painting by Emily Jeffords
Botanical Fine Art Painting by Emily Jeffords

Botanical Fine Art Painting by Emily Jeffords

Botanical Fine Art Painting by Emily Jeffords Botanical Fine Art Painting by Emily Jeffords


Today is a totally lovely day.


Emily Jeffords signiture


“Evensong” landscape oil painting by Emily Jeffords

July 19, 2014

This is the last in the short painting-a-day collection and my goodness, this painting “Evensong”, totally has my heart.

“Evensong” landscape oil painting by Emily Jeffords


When have humans not been romanced by the expanse of open space?

As much of a city girl as I am (or have become) the liberty of space refreshes something deep inside of me and seems to fill up my soul with quiet.    Do you feel the same?


An “Evensong” is sung as a prayer; a celebration of the evening, thankfulness for the day, and praise for of the goodness and grace of God.

The notes drift smoothly through the open windows of an English chapel, drenching the landscape with peace, serenading the sheep, calming minds of people nearby.  Totally serene, am I right?


This landscape is also full of those calming, live-giving notes: cool and warm jewel tones made even more alluring by the soft, feathery sky and the deepness in the ground.  So poetic and yet so simple.

18×24 inches, oil on gallery wrapped canvas (has extra thick sides and does not need to be framed).  Evensong will be added to my shop in one hour (noon, EST) and will be $200 (instead of $400)


“Evensong” landscape oil painting by Emily Jeffords




“Overtures of Flight” oil landscape painting by Emily Jeffords

July 18, 2014

"Overtures of Flight" oil landscape painting by Emily Jeffords


I came to the studio yesterday feeling pressure.  A dead car battery, issues getting the dumb thing fixed, a busted lip on my little girl, visual clutter in my home, emotional and physical tiredness…  not the way I want to come to the easel in the least.

But I got there in the afternoon.  Late.  Too late to finish a painting?   I might as well try, I told myself.  They’ll understand it if doesn’t work out today…

The girls were happy to be in their space and went right to work creating little watercolor pieces.   I turned up the music, let the peacefulness of that space wash over me, and set to work mixing shades of gray and peach, thinking about how uplifting the creative process is.


I think these little life events – nothing memorable, just every-day stress – allowed me to feel this painting.  It is more abstract and focuses on movement and shape more than some of my pieces – and I loooove that.

Abstract art seems to depict emotions rather than reality more than most art, and it feels like to me like this painting dips into that a bit.  Dancing brushstrokes, muted colors, contrasted by vibrant jewel tones, and movement full of joy.


"Overtures of Flight" oil landscape painting by Emily Jeffords


“Overtures of Flight” 18×24 inch oil landscape painting will be in my shop at noon today (Eastern Time …1.5 hours!) $200 (usually $400)

There is one last painting in this short series coming tomorrow & more exciting things happening next week!  Thank you ALL for an amazingly wonderful year!  #EmilyJeffordsArtCelebration


"Overtures of Flight" oil landscape painting by Emily Jeffords

“Finding The Breeze” Painting A Day by Emily Jeffords

July 17, 2014

"Finding The Breeze" Painting A Day by Emily Jeffords

Ok, is it just me, or does it look to you like the Von Trapp children might come running through the scene, searching for edelweiss and singing in perfect harmony?  …While running (Naturally.)

Either that, or a heard of very hungry, plump cows, bells a-ringing, singing their own monochromatic tunes…


There is so much peacefulness in wide-open space where the breeze is free and the light is unhindered.  It is so easy to slip away into thoughts that are flitting, sweet for your soul, and somehow they’re not really your own.  They belong to the land and the sky and they sweep you away up into them.


That got quite abstract….  but I hope you know what I’m talking about because I hope to goodness you’ve felt it before!

"Finding The Breeze" Painting A Day by Emily Jeffords

I wanted to paint a horizontal painting (I mean wide instead of tall) because I really wanted to play with the lushness and fertility of the grass.

I adore skies and clouds (obviously….), and I’m super happy with the way they evolved in this painting, but the field and I battled it out several times; we loved each other, hated each other, then decided to work together to show you all how lovely a field can be (this was about midnight, BTW.  Stubborn field.)   I am so pleased with the peace and grandeur in this painting.

“Finding the Breeze” 18×24 oil on canvas.  This painting will be in my shop in just a few moments (noon, est).  $200 (instead of $400) as a part of my #EmilyJeffordsArtCelebration event!


TWO more paintings left in this short painting-a-day collection!  Stay tuned!  More exciting things coming next week!


Until tomorrow, Emily Jeffords signiture

10 ways to make or break your friendship with a creative person

July 17, 2014

10 ways to make or break your friendship with a creative person.  Beautiful Hello Blog


Friendships take work.

Heck, all relationships take work, am I right?

But what if you’re in a friendship (or any other kind of relationship) with a creative person?


Sounds exciting, right?  Open minded discussions, exciting adventures, picking up on the energy & passion that surrounds the creative process, an excuse to go to fancy galleries openings, loud concerts, and posh parties…

Ah, what a life!


…But what if your artsy-besty doesn’t call you back for a week?  What if they actually seem to have forgotten about you altogether?  What if they’re rude for no reason?  What if they get strangely emotional?   What if they have a hard time hanging out with your other friends or doing some of the things you like to do?


None of these things mean that you are less of a friend in their eyes.  In fact, if you can stick through these things along with them (listening, being gracious with the flaws, making an effort to bridge the gaps) you may actually be their very best friend in the whole wide world.

10 ways to make or break your friendship with a creative person

Here are 10 things your creative friend probably wants you to know about your relationship (but might not have the words for)
…and yes, I’m totally writing from experience.


1) Listen earnestly. Most creative people have a hard time articulating their thoughts with spoken words, so when they speak, listen with an open & gracious mind.  I like to think this is because our minds are full of so many wonderful ideas that they have a hard time spilling out (and that’s actually kind of true…)


2) Figure out how your friend communicates best and meet them there – talking, phone calls, writing, singing, with images…  Even if you don’t communicate that way, appreciate that they do.


3) Fight for your friendship.  Don’t hesitate to insert yourself into their life (tactfully & graciously of course).  You will probably have to put for extra effort to make this relationship actually happen.  We’re sorry!!!


4) But also, give them space, knowing that creativity takes extreme focus, time, and may mean that other things in life get 2nd priority for a time (even dear friends).


5) Be willing to live a little outside the box.  It’s fun, you’re going to feel like a crazy person sometimes, but it is fun.


6) Creativity takes a lot of the emotional energy, be ready to support and strengthen. No harsh judgment, no insult, no unneeded criticism.


7) Delight in their creation. Regardless of how confident a creative person may seem on the outside, they are their own worst critic and those voices are deeply ingrained in their heads. Be a positive influence.


8) Offer valuable encouragement and feedback, and critique with knowledge.  Remember that the closer you get to someone the more weight your words carry.  This is 200% true for creative people.


9) Keep life in perspective.   Most creative people are very driven, but not in the way you might expect. There are spurts of intensity, and times of creative rest.  Remind your friend that these times of rest, dry spells, are healthy and nothing to be ashamed of.


10) Dream and philosophize together.  At the heart of creativity is an idea. Coaxing that idea into words and visual forms is the fun part.  Be an “ideas person” – if only for the duration of one meal.  ;)


…ok, one more, because it’s super important:

Creativity takes a certain amount of emotional rawness.  It means that creative people get very happy, very sad, are in tune with their surroundings, and feel things very, very deeply.  This isn’t always easy to live with (for either person) so be ready to be the support we all need at times.  And, I guarantee you, if you are ever in need an empathetic person (and you will sometime), you’ve got the very best at your shoulder.


10 ways to make or break your friendship with a creative person


What would you like to add to this list?  What have you learned thee hard way?


PS. Creative people, share this post with your sweet friends…  I’ll be your voice.  ; )


PSS. The image at the top with the totally lovely lady in it was taken by my good friend Paige French.  She is a photographer, life-lover, super-creative, and a wonderful friend to many.


Until next time,


Emily Jeffords signiture


“Cool of the Stillness” Painting-a-Day by Emily Jeffords

July 16, 2014

"Cool of the Stillness" oil painting by Emily Jeffords

I began this painting anticipating something a little dark and moody; something with some grit to it or at least a little mystery.  But as things progressed, and my emotions shifted throughout the day, this painting evolved.

I love the delicate colors, the vibrant and carefree brushstrokes, and the modern coolness in this painting.  It felt so good to create…

"Cool of the Stillness" oil painting by Emily Jeffords

A sweet friend dropped by my studio to bring me iced coffee and to distract my mind for a moment and very candidly said, “its like you’re painting an alternate reality.  The painting looks so peaceful and calm!” –in the most honest and loving way possible.   And you know, she was totally right.  All around, I was surrounded by crayons, papers, books, little shoes… kids being kids.  I have my two little girls in the studio with me everyday, and while my days can be crazy and messy at times, they are also peaceful and grounded.


But, at times, I do slip into a headspace where I need to surround myself with positivity – not moodiness.  And this painting mirrored that!


So, I dedicate this painting to coffee, crayons, little girl’s laughter, and good friends who see past the mess of life and focus on the beauty.


“Cool of the Stillness” 18×24 inches, oil on canvas.  It will be in my shop in one hour!  $200 (normally $400) as a part of my Art Celebration thanking everyone for am AMAZING year!


And guys, yesterday’s painting sold in TWO minutes.  I’m floored.  Thank you all for your immense support and love.  I can feel it vividly.

This painting-a-day collection will go on until the end of the week then next week other exciting things are set to take place!  Stay tuned!

"Cool of the Stillness" oil painting by Emily Jeffordskids

“Leave Behind the Shadows” Painting No. 1

July 15, 2014

"Leave Behind the Shadows" oil landscape painting by Emily Jeffords

"Leave Behind the Shadows" oil landscape painting by Emily Jeffords "Leave Behind the Shadows" oil landscape painting by Emily Jeffords .

You know those hot summer days when it feels as though the afternoon will never cool off, then the sun begins to set and the earth is transformed into a peachy-buttery-candy-colored landscape?  The sunset lingers for hours and it seems that darkness will never come – nor do you want it to.

We had an evening like this yesterday and, having two little girls at my side most of the time, we spend a lot of time talking about the colors in the sky.  This time we were all enamored and madly in love with those clouds and the earth.

“Leave Behind the Shadows” is my interpretation of that moment & those feelings

18×24 inches, oil on canvas (normally $375 now $200 as a part of my one year anniversary thank you celebration!) and is currently available in my shop:


This is the first in a week long painting-a-day collection and is a part of my Thank You Art Celebration.
Check back tomorrow for Painting No. 2 and stay in-the-loop with all the excitement with the hashtag #EmilyJeffordsArtCelebration on social media.

"Leave Behind the Shadows" oil landscape painting by Emily Jeffords

A Year of Landscapes (and let’s celebrate!)

July 11, 2014

A year of landscape paintings by Emily Jeffords


Hello everyone!

This is a very, very special month for me.  Last July I was working my fingernails off, painting and painting an painting like a crazy lady, doing a landscape painting each day.   And selling each and everyone in serious record time (because I have the best collectors and followers ever…)

While soooo much has changed in one short year, much has remained the same.   60-ish (I really lost count) landscape paintings later and they only fascinate me more.

Creating skyscapes feels like an endless game which has delightfully abstract rules, unlimited possibilities, so much room for growth, and no end in sight.


A year of landscape paintings by Emily Jeffords


Painting allows for a lot of introspective thinking and recently when I fall into that kind of creative head-space I am struck with gratitude.  I cannot thank you all enough for allowing me to follow my passion and for supporting me so consistently and lovingly.  I really, really feel humbled and blessed by you all.

And I would like to share a small bit of my huge thank you with a few exciting events!   So, for the next three weeks we’re going to be having some fun!


I realize that I have been doing MANY commissions for the past few months, which means my original’s shop is pretty darn sparse.  Let’s fix that this week.

I’m going to do a painting a day for 4 days and list them each day on the following morning.  These are going to be 18×24 inch oil on canvas landscape paintings and will cost $200 each (usually $375).  

The first one will be painted on Monday and listed in my shop on Tuesday at 12:00est.  


Follow along on Instagram & Twitter for updates and sneak-peeks!   @Emily_Jeffords


A year of landscape paintings by Emily Jeffords


Stay tuned for details on Week Two & Three!  This is  going to be fun!


THANK YOU ALL!  I can’t get over how awesome you all are.

Let’s make year No. 2 even more crazy-amazing.  Shall we?

Emily Jeffords signiture

Interivew with Minted stylist & designer Kelli Hall

July 7, 2014
Interivew with Minted stylist Kelli Hall, Beautiful Hello Blog


Hello everyone!


I am so excited to have Kelli Hall visiting us today!  Kelli is a stylist who works with Minted to make their awesome products look even more lovely and wonderful with her creative eye.  Her aesthetic is clean, joyous, refined, and totally lovely.  Kelli is also a designer with a collection of lovely stationary and other goodness on Minted.


I’m excited to learn more about her creative process and maybe even get a few styling tips in the process!   Thanks for sharing with us Kelli!



Interivew with Minted stylist & designer Kelli Hall, Beautiful Hello Blog


Tell us a bit about yourself and what you create:
I style spaces and tabletops and work with a photographer to capture the whole effect. It can be as small as a composed vignette or encompass a series of rooms. I try to look at a tabletop the way I look at a canvas—in terms of composition, color, and texture—but instead of brushes and paint, I get to use the spill of a floral bundle or the line on a table runner to direct a viewer’s eye.


How did you break into life your career as an artist and designer?
I knew I’d do something creative from the time I could hold a crayon. I went to school for painting, and stumbled into a graphic design job designing toy packaging while I was completing my degree. I started designing stationery, and it blossomed into fantastic opportunities designing for minted. One of those opportunities has been a chance to give event styling a try! It’s something I’ve always loved and am working every day to grow it. Its a shift from graphic design, but it’s helped me learn more about myself and my creativity: Essentially, what really makes me tick is elevating everyday items by applying creative energy—whether on paper or behind a lens.


What is the most exciting thing about being a creative entrepreneur?  Did anything surprise you about the day-to-day life of an artist/designer?
I’ve just started styling, and one of the things I’m loving the most is the opportunity to intersect with other creatives while working to bring a vision to life. I tend to hole up behind my computer when working on graphic design, but styling has introduced chances to meet and collaborate with letterers, tailors, painters, photographers, floral stylists—I’ve even connected with confection vendors that craft lollipops I swear could be works of glass art in a museum! It’s exciting and inspiring to work on projects that share in the beauty of other artists and celebrate their talents.


What do you love most about being a Minted Designer?  How has it helped you grow as a creative?
I love the way minted’s enabled me to focus on design in a way that’s both profitable and creatively freeing. I’ve pushed into new areas and explored parts of my career that I would never have been able to without the direction, encouragement and experience I’ve gained with minted.


Interivew with Minted stylist & designer Kelli Hall, Beautiful Hello Blog


Any creative rituals?  For example, I’m addicted to French press coffee and incense.
I wish I could say I have them, but the only real order in my brain comes out in my styled work. Some mornings I snuggle my cat frank, some days I use yoga or chocolate for a pause to reignite creativity. A creative tool I use (it’s one I keep from my painting past) is to flip my composition—whether its a sketch, design or photograph—-inverting my work helps my eye disconnect from the familiar and assess the pieces in terms of their shape.


What are you most exciting to work on next?
I have a styled shoot in a few months that will incorporate some hand-painted pieces from another artist.


Tips for styling artwork
When i’m styling my walls with groups of artwork, I like to think about creating a strong diagonal from the upper left to the lower right. Maybe these pieces connect with color, strong contrast, or even a subject—the key is to create a sense of unity along an angled line and direct your eye so it can comfortably move through grouped pieces.


Interivew with Minted stylist & designer Kelli Hall, Beautiful Hello Blog


Thank you so much Kelli!


And just FYI, Kelli offers styling services to artists and designers (woohoo!!).
I love her warm and engaging aesthetic and the way she makes artwork or designs totally shine.
Get to know Kelli Hall a little more on her blog and see her Minted collection and follow her on Instagram to see more of her lovely styling work and life.


Until next time,
Emily Jeffords signiture

Art Supplies (the 10 things I can’t live without and the 10,000 I can)

July 1, 2014

Art Supplies (the 10 things I can't live without and the 10,000 I can)  Emily Jeffords, Beautiful Hello Blog

Hello!  Today we’re going to talk about something I get asked about pretty much everyday and something I totally love!   Art supplies.

Being an artist is tough enough as it is without feeling confused about which tools are the right ones for the job — or which oils are going to be the best for archival purposes, which weave of canvas you need to get that delicate under painting, or how many bristles your brushes should have (natural or synthetic?)…   It can become overwhelming very quickly.

But you know what?  You’re already ahead of the game.  You have you.

You’re unique abilities, talents, perspective, skills, ideas, and visions…

Use every bit of this  goodness to create articulate on paper or canvas whatever is in your head.


To do this you need very little, actually.  A few basic painting supplies  and maybe a pencil and pen…  I know it’s fun to hoard bundles of brushes and paints and fancy charcoals (trust me, I know).   But you are you best asset – not them.

The tools you have at your fingertips are exactly the ones you need.

Art Supplies (the 10 things I can't live without and the 10,000 I can)  Emily Jeffords, Beautiful Hello Blog

My 10 Must have art supplies for an oil painting:

1: Giant tube of titanium white paint.  I usually buy Winsor & Newton (or Gamblin when it’s on sale.)

2: of course, other colors too.  I splurge on these 4 shades because their hue has to be so exact:  cadmium yellow, cadmium red medium (willaimsburg paint), ultramarine blue, &  prussian green.  Other colors aren’t quite as impacting to my paintings, so the pigment blend doesn’t have to be as refined or exactly balanced and I can get the slightly less expensive  blend paints.
Figure out your sweet-spot colors and splurge on those.

3:  Canvas – my only bit of advice: don’t buy value packs.  Totally not worth it.  You will find yourself fighting against the texture when the opposite should be taking place.  I use back stapled, quality canvases and they are worth the extra few dollars.

4:  Brushes: natural bristle suited for oils; tight, but still flexible…   I am not loyal to a brand but I usually know how I want the brush to feel on the canvas and shop accordingly.  (I just purchased Rosemary Ivory flats and I’m excited to try them!  — I told you I have a brush hoarding problem!)

5: Linseed oil – fancy pants oil or a bulk can, I’ve used both many many times and, don’t tell anyone this, but, both work just wonderfully.  But so you know, linseed oil does tend to yellow a bit over time .

6: Odorless mineral spirits.  I buy this in bulk from the hardware store.  I don’t use it in my paintings often – just to clean my brushes and pallet.

7: glass pallet.  This is a newer thing for me and it’s changed the way I mix paints forever.  Totally in love.  Get one now.   Mine is just a large peace of glass.  A mirror would probably work great too.  I love the way it can be completely wiped clean at the end of the day.

8: Varnish.  I have both spray varnish and the kind you brush on and personally get more use out of the spray.  But that’s just me.

9. Lemon essential oil sugar scrub (cleaning brushes and hands)

10. Nasty old rag.  My best friend.


And that’s all.  Really.  That’s all you need to make a completely professional, totally beautiful painting.  You will be given 10,000 options at the art store for every 1 thing you buy, but just stick to your gut and your budget and allow your creativity to take over from there.

Art supply stores know there are many options  so they kindly label most things by “artist” or “academic” (or something along these lines) so you can shop accordingly.  The artist grade materials are going to be delightfully refined and really a better buy if you are a professional artist.   If you are still getting your artsy sea legs, start with the student grade paints and canvases and grow from there.

What art supplies can’t you live without? Any brands you have tried and fell in love with?


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